There are three main types of bonds fraud: bearer, fidelity, and credit default swaps. Bearer bonds are the most common, and they allow the fraudster to defraud people by pretending to be legitimate companies. While some scam artists can be very convincing, others are just plain scams. If you’re in the market for a bond, make sure you’re aware of these common bond scams.

Dishonesty bonds are used by scam artists to lure people into investing in these investments. These bonds are often issued by historical banks and are sold at exorbitant prices. Such bonds are typically “hypothetical” or “hypothecated”, meaning the valuation is based on false assumptions. However, you should be aware of these types of frauds before you purchase your next bond. Here are some ways to protect yourself from falling victim to these schemes.

In the investment industry, there are various types of securities fraud. Among these are pump-and-dump scams. Pump-and-dump schemes involve generating false information about stocks, forcing the price to go up, and selling them as soon as the prices reach a desired level. These types of fraudulent companies use the internet to lure victims into investing in their scams. The first type is an advance fee scheme.