If you are looking for love online, you might be wondering what romance fraud is. The term “romance fraud” refers to situations in which people think they’ve found their soul mate. But in reality, they’ve simply fallen for scammers who use fake profiles to gain your trust. These scammers are highly skilled at impersonating real people and spend hours on the internet researching their victims to find out how to scam them. The most common victims of romance fraud include teenagers, those who have lost money, and people who have experienced the pain of romance and relationships that have ended in divorce.

The most common type of romance scam is the advance-fee scam. In this scheme, the fraudster insists on marrying you in order to inherit millions of dollars in gold. In this case, the young woman is unable to withdraw the gold, and the scammer may have to pay the gold duty and marriage taxes. Once the victim gets married, she can’t inherit the fortune and has to deal with the embarrassment.

The RCMP’s Financial Crimes Unit recently investigated a case of a romance scam that lasted seven years. The crook slowly drained the victim’s personal savings over months and years. It was only when he was confronted with the evidence that he had been a victim of a scam. The RCMP’s Financial Crimes unit found a case of this exact kind of ‘romance fraud’ involving a woman from West Africa.