WeChat is an important social networking platform in China. But, it’s not immune to wechat forex scams. Singapore Police Force, a local police department, has warned users about these frauds. They have also been a target of these schemes. In September 2017, the Qidong police broke an online fraud case involving more than 100 million yuan. Seven suspects cheated more than 120 people. They spread the information about hy foreign exchange crowdfunding financial management project through the wechat circle. Using a mysterious lone woman, they claimed to earn high returns of 2%-3% interest per day. A large number of people invested money and were cheated out of more than one hundred million yuan.

For investors, the most important factor is security. This is the most basic security issue, which a formal platform should have. Its funds are secured through third-party banks and authoritative regulatory bodies. A wechat forex scam does not have this kind of security. If you invest your money on WeChat, it is possible that you’ll be scammed. In this case, you should be careful and seek legal advice from a trusted source.

Another wechat forex scam involves online gaming. When someone buys in-game credits from a wechat gamer, they receive a fake account number. These accounts are typically a scam, and are a poor choice for anyone looking for a new job. However, if you can’t find a trustworthy platform, you’re more likely to be a victim of a wechat forex scam. The Chinese messaging app WeChat is a popular place for online gamers, but be wary of frauds.